Completed Projects

Assessing the longer-term impact of standardised packaging of tobacco
Led by ISM, University of Stirling
PI: Ms Martine Stead
cigarette packet health warning


The overall aim is to comprehensively evaluate the longer-term response of smokers and ex-smokers to standardised packaging and how standardised packaging impacts on health inequalities in smoking. The objectives are to assess:

  1. The impact of standardised packaging on warning salience, pack and brand appeal, harm perceptions, cognitive and emotional response to smoking, and cessation-related behaviours;
  2. Whether the health warnings on standardised packs increase knowledge of smoking-related health risks and the substances in tobacco smoke, increase awareness and use of the stop-smoking website shown on warnings, or impact on salience, cognitive risk, avoidant and cessation-related behaviours;
  3. Other changes in consumption which may be associated with standardised packaging, including use of illicit tobacco and e-cigarettes;
  4. Any changes in purchasing behaviour, including product choice, place of purchase, quantity of cigarettes/tobacco purchased, and price paid per cigarette/gram of tobacco;
  5. Any change in attitudes, beliefs and support for standardised packaging;
  6. Whether any of trends identified in objectives 1 to 5 vary by socio-economic status.

Principal Investigator

Ms Martine Stead